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About Us

We Take Pride in Setting The Golden Standard

We go the extra mile and use top of the line ingredients, methods and people to have the best edibles in the country


Why We do it

We saw a massive lack of quality and consistency in the delta 8  world and decided to do something about it. We went out and partnered with all the top companies in the industry to lead Genetics, Seeds, Farming, Extraction, and Manufacturing of final products. With all of these companies coming together with the same goal of restoring consumer confidence in a highly anticipated industry.


Here at GGC we teamed up with extract specialists, infusion experts, growers and laboratories to ensure we have the top products on the market while ensuring safety for our consumers.

Business Meeting

Tracked from start to finish

We like to know where all our ingredients come from. We source seeds from organic sources, grow without pesticides or harmful additive, extracted ethically, and most importantly mixed with all natural safe ingredients for all of our finished products.

Aperitivo with Friends
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